About Howard


Howard Lee


/haʊəd leen.


- Maker, Developer, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

Born in Hong Kong and educated in Canada. Howard received a First Class Honours Degree in Engineering Science from the Maclean's top ranking Simon Fraser University. After having worked in the semiconductor industry, at first in development and later client facing capacities for over 8 years, he decided to at first explore the world, and subsequently to try to create something new for it. After founding and launching Tastory - the mobile social platform for food discovery, he is currently immersing himself in the fascinating world of open blockchains.


When Howard is not on the move and not in front of the computer, he enjoys spending time active and outdoor. You can find him engaging in a wide range of summer activities including the likes of hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, road cycling and motorcycling, all the way to winter activities such as skiing and snowboard.